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For homeowners

Building these tunnels will have a devastating impact on the lower north shore. Cammeray, Naremburn, Artarmon, Northbridge and Willoughby will feel all the pain with no gain.

To make the tunnels stop, the best thing you can do is make your voice heard by objecting to these projects via the Department of Planning. It only takes 10minutes but could make a world of difference

What's happening?

The latest reference design released by Roads and Maritime Services NSW (July 2018) tells us that:

  • Four major projects are planned for our area: Metro Tunnelling, Western Harbour Tunnel, Warringah Expressway Reconfiguration and Northern Beaches Tunnel

  • Cammeray and Naremburn are major construction hubs - this means millions of tonnes of spoil from digging the tunnel will come out at these sites.

  • Unfiltered ventilation stacks and operations buildings will be built to service the tunnels across the residential area – these are close to schools, homes, hospitals.

  • The Warringah Freeway will be reconfigured considerably from Milsons Point to Naremburn

  • Valuable green spaces will be lost to construction sites - these will take over substantial parts of Cammeray Gold Course and Naremburn’s Flat Rock Baseball Diamond or Flat Rock Drive. Safe use of neighboring sports facilities is unlikely – this impacts Bicentennial Reserve, the Willoughby Leisure Centre netball courts, Cammeray tennis club, Cammeray football pitch and the skate park.

  • Construction will be 24 hours/7 days – this means non-stop noise and trucks in our streets

  • Heavy equipment will be used in our residential areas for at least 5-6 years. 

Here’s what you need to know about your home or investment property…

Properties across along the tunnel construction corridor stand to significantly devalue

  • Property experts informed the community at a Special Precincts Meeting in March that properties across the area stand to devalue during and after tunnel construction (Chris Curtis – Curtis Associates).

Why will properties be negatively impacted?

  • Property experts say in other major construction zones buyers can be put off for a variety of reasons, including uncertainty, construction noise, pollution, dust, smoke stacks, traffic and parking issues.

  • Property experts have also advised that these issues do not necessarily disappear post construction

Tunnelling under conservation and heritage areas

  • There are several conservation and heritage buildings along the proposed construction corridor – this impacts Naremburn, Cammeray, Crows Nest and Willoughby. Properties are at significant risk from tunnelling, blasts and heavy vehicle movements.  

  • Residents have worked hard and invested heavily to preserve these buildings and environments for the next generation – something local Councils demand.

Will homeowners be compensated?

  • Currently, there is no suggestion of compensation for property devaluation or reimbursement for damage to homes in the Lower North Shore.

  • There is a process in place to acquire land under homes however this is not clearly outlined in the scoping documents.

For so much impact, surely there is some benefit?

There are no specific benefits for Cammeray, Naremburn and the surrounding suburbs. The Northern Beaches Link tunnel is designed to reduce traffic congestion around the Northern Beaches and the Mosman & Spit Bridge area. No data is given to support reduced traffic on our streets...this problem is likely to increase!
A tunnel designed to bring more road users into the city will likely result in more road users looking for parking in and around portal exits close to the city transport hubs i.e Artarmon and St Leonards trains, Chatswood and Crows Nest Light rail and Willoughby, Northbridge and Cammeray buses.

Key information on the planned Northern Beaches and Western Harbour Tunnels for residents and visitors of Artarmon, Willoughby, North Sydney, Northbridge, Cammeray, Naremburn, Crows Nest, St Leonards and surrounds