Key information on the planned Northern Beaches and Western Harbour Tunnels for residents and visitors of Artarmon, Willoughby, North Sydney, Northbridge, Cammeray, Naremburn, Crows Nest, St Leonards and surrounds

Bridge on park

History & Conservation

Building these tunnels will have a devastating impact on the lower north shore.  Cammeray, Naremburn, Artarmon, Northbridge and Willoughby will feel all the pain with no gain.


To make the tunnels stop, the best thing you can do is make your voice heard by objecting to the project. Click the button below for help doing this - it only takes 10 minutes but could make a world of difference

What you need to know

Aboriginal Heritage of the Cammerygal people may be at risk

  • The RMS scope report does not adequately detail the existence and importance of the 148 Aboriginal Heritage sites in the Willoughby area, including Flat Rock Gully and along foreshore areas such as Folly’s Point.

  • Construction, pollution and tunnelling may mean that sites are damaged, lost or are made inaccessible.

Naremburn once again impacted by construction

  • Naremburn is one of the oldest settlements on the North Shore. In 1984 it was classified by the National Trust as an Urban Conservation Area. Naremburn’s history and heritage have already been heavily impacted by the intersection of two expressways over the past decades.

  • The preferred route for the Northern Beaches tunnel runs directly below the oldest parts of Naremburn and surfaces close by. Residents have worked hard and are committed to restoring what remains for future generations.

Henry Lawson cave – opposite proposed spoil site

  • As a past Naremburn resident, Henry Lawson is regularly celebrated with poetry readings in his cave. Several of his poems describe the area from the church steeple, to the houses, to the beauty of the Flat Rock area. Construction in this area would render it unrecognisable to readers of his poetry and be a significant loss to our nation’s history.

Cammeray’s heritage is also at risk

  • The heritage listed Tarella House began construction in 1872. Like many houses in the conservation area, this almost 150-year-old building backs onto the Warringah expressway at Amherst St, where significant reconfiguration and portal construction works are planned to take place. The scoping documents refer to risks to buildings from vibration and acquisition. Damage and construction represent a significant risk to our local heritage.

  • The Cammeray water course runs through Cammeray Golf Course and feeds the Willoughby falls at Primrose Park – it’s a significant piece of Aboriginal and colonial history. Construction work at or close to the Cammeray Oval and Golf Course may lead to contamination and environmental damage.

Tunnelling under conservation and heritage areas

  • The proposed construction corridors cross through or under the conservation areas of Cammeray, Naremburn, Crows Nest, North Sydney and Willoughby. There are many listed buildings, original houses and workers cottages in these areas. According to scoping documents, properties are at significant risk from tunnelling, blasts and heavy vehicle movements.  Residents have worked hard and invested heavily to preserve these buildings and environments for the next generation – something local Councils demand.