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This information report was compiled by concerned local parents and residents who have a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds.  It is a shared effort by members of the local community to assess, based on the available information, what impact these projects might have on our families, community, homes and environment.

Our aim is to bring together in one document, relevant information and communicate the perceived impacts as accurately as possible.

We urge you to read the source documents and references yourself, come to your own conclusions and consult professional advice, if you feel that is needed.

In the spirit of working together as a community, we welcome your constructive feedback. If you have a background or interest in any of the areas touched on and would like to increase or clarify our understanding of the impacts, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and feedback at  or 

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Click here to find reference material we have used to prepare this site and to understand the issues further.

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Read the Scoping Impact Report

If you want the unbiased facts about the impact the tunnel will have, read for more information

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