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What the Government has published:

Explore the full EIS (See EIS 73))Any other documents are NOT the EIS but marketing documents published by the proponent (Trasnport for NSW/ e- RMS)

View the Warringah Traffic Flow Map to see how traffic changes will impact you

Each submission needs to be different as the DPIE counts form letters as one submission. Use the template below and put it in your own words as much as possible. Delete the highlighted yellow section and select a couple (or all) of the examples from the Ideas documents 

We have summarised key issues from the EIS for you. The EIS is a huge document around 9000 pages long so our Ideas docs have a bit of detail but don't feel that you need everything in them. Choose examples from the ideas docs which resonate with you and explain why: perhaps you walk the dog in a park which will be impacted, you are someone concerned about the tree canopy or you are worried about congestion around local schools.

Image by Bench Accounting

You will need to do the following for a valid submission:

1. Create a Log In:  Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) requires you to create a log in to their planning portal to make a submission.

2.  Find the Project: Search for Western Harbour Tunnel (SSI_8863) 

3. State your position: You will be asked if you a) support the project, b) are making a comment or c) are objecting to the project. You need to include some reasons why you have taken that position - see box to the right on why it's important to object.

4. Reportable Political Donations: don't get put off by this as it's quite simple say: "I haven't made any reportable political donations or gifts in the past two years" or check the requirements here: Dep't of Plannings Donations guide.

5. Privacy: It's standard practice for DPIE to publish your submission on their website with or without your details attached. It's completely up to you to decide and you will be asked as you go through the various screens. See: DPIE Privacy Statement

6. Upload your submission: You can make your objections as simple or as detailed as you like. We suggest saving to pdf and uploading so you can forward on. Use our template or if not you must include your name and address and the project name "Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade" and application number SSI_8863 as well as the above information.

Any Problems? Dep't Planning Tech Support or call the Contact Planner at DPIE:  Naomi Moss 0292746351


Let us know if you have ongoing problems at so we can make sure of accountability and the publics ability to participate in consultation.

Log In Tips

Note: Your submission must go in via the Dep't of Planning NOT Transport as they are the ones assessing the project. Submissions from previous stages don't carry forward and the  feedback given on i-screens in the community don't count

Why Objecting is Important

It is important to note that "objecting to the project" means objecting to part or the whole project as it is outlined in the EIS rather than the concept of the project or what it could be. An objection has the most influence over whether Conditions of Approval will be granted which ensures that the community is best protected. As a community we need as many people as possible to submit their objections to ensure that our communities valid concerns are heard.

Tips for Writing your Objections

Note: It is important to include personal content to explain how you, your family or community will be personally impacted. It is also good to suggest what alternative you would like or what condition you would like to see if possible. If you are using any guidance documents try to personalise them a little as multiple "form letters" are counted as a single objection.  We suggest that you save your objection as a pdf, upload it and then on send to your local MP, Council, the Chief Scientist and Medical Officer. Locate contact details below.

Need More Info: here is what the Experts Think:

Suspension Requests to Premier

Sample Submissions and Guides:

We are collecting sample submissions for you to use as inspiration. Email and let us know if you are happy to include yours and see samples below

talking on phones

Save your submission and send it to decision makers like your local MP, local council, the Chief Health Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer

Community Action Handout.jpg

We have created a flyer outlining community impacts and steps to object to the project. Many in our community know nothing about the project . The project has just been extended from 12th to  MARCH 30TH! Apologies to anyone who has received the old flyer.

Please email it around, share it on social media or even do letterbox drop on your regular walk.

Update: Formal submissions are now closed however the Department of Planning are still accepting responses

The final stage of planning and consultation has been completed for this stage of the tunnel projects. The Western Harbour and Beaches Link projects are the largest construction projects  to  ever hit the North Shore and our concerns have been confirmed by the EIS released on 29th January. The second stage of this project: The Beaches link an Gore Hill Extension is currently being prepared and is expected to be on consultation for a short time mid-2020.


We're all on the same team and we know the current tunnel plans don't make sense, won't solve congestion and aren't fair.  It's all pain, no gain. If you want more sustainable transport options not toxic toll roads, if you are concerned about impacts on environment, climate, property, amenity and community make your voice heard and act today - 20 minutes of your time can really make a real difference.

We can't do this without you.

The Western Harbour & Warringah Freeway Environmental Impact Assessment

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Want to help more?

Find out how to volunteer to spread the word, get petitions signed or share information with your neighbours.

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