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Because it's all pain, no gain


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This site was developed by concerned community members across the tunnelling routes to bring together information and provide the community with quick and easy ways to respond. Following extensive consultation with technical experts, RMS, The Premier and other relevant community members we believe that these plans represent a very high risk to our heavily impacted communities with very little return. We do not believe, based on the evidence, that this is an adequate solution for congestion and  use of government funds.


Modern cities are moving toward clean mass transport options which move the maximum number of people efficiently whilst minimising impact on the environment and climate. Expert opinion and submissions to government which have informed our stance can be found in the technical section and have helped us develop both an interactive impact map and the summary sections below for each section of our community.

We are 100% grass roots and local....any help you can give to ensure the right solution is found would be very much appreciated and if you do not have the time please do consider donating so that we can continue the fight for on your behalf! Websites, admin, flyers and marketing all costs money and are essential to ensure that everyone in our community knows the facts.

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Rugby Players

Media Coverage

Here's what you need to know about the impacts

Girl at School

For Parents

Find out if your children's school or sports grounds will be impacted and what you can do about it

Front Gate

For homeowners

Learn about construction will impact your property price & living conditions

Boats in the Bay

Environmental concerns

Discover the critical impact to the environment

Bridge on park

Heritage & Conservation

Uncover the damage to our local community and surrounds


Impact of other tunnel projects; westconnex

These projects are part of the Westconnex projects. Watch the documentary here.


Want to get involved? 

Find out how you can get involved to help stop the tunnels

See the impacts

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